Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hey It's Thursday

I was serious about Thursday kicking off the Weekend remember...

"Hey tomorrow is Friday!"  you look and find a great event happening on Thursday..hence I think the weekend starts on Thursday night.

The first event up is at the Art Boutiki with Drink and Draw. I am not sure you have to have a beer in hand and a charcoal pencil in another but my drawing might actually improve with this technique.

The San Francisco International Film Festival starts on Thursday..because of the great choices of films alone you should go ...on a thursday.

This hotel is near my work and I do know something about Sake but what about Whiskey ? Get cultured try a Japanese Whiskey!

Okay what about a boot camp? For you to make soap and other herbal products?
Yes! Okay check out Alice's 4 Day Boot Camp at the Nova Studio.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day Admins!

Happy Earth Day and Happy Administrative Assistant Day!

I think that the fact two holidays fall on the same day is why Hallmark should not make the holiday calendars...#justsayin

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Not a Sponsored Post : Hulu

One thing I use to love with my Dad was the television. No seriously, the Television was the center of the universe in the house at times from Super Bowls to Gone with the Wind. TV ruled the day it was in the house.

Oddly enough less than 20 years later the Television is replaced by the laptop.
Yup, Now a screen that is 16 inches is big enough to watch Star Wars on.

I remember watching ABC shows constantly now I pick the shows I want to watch on Hulu.
Oh and not just because there is about 4 commercials in them either.

When I travel and try to watch TV I am AMAZED at the number of commercials. A one hour show is now about 40 minutes because of 20 minutes of commercials.

Television got bad but then Hulu is Good. I would never have watch Behind the Mask if it was not because of Hulu.

I also have found the Criteron collection which isn't the greatest ( really Cable Guy? ) but there is some great movies on Hulu.

For about $120 a year you can watch Hulu Plus. Not a bad price given your internet provider isn't squeezing you for the privilege.

The fact is Hulu is awesome and you should try it too.

What is happening in Texas?

Since I have a sibling and some relatives in Texas, lets find out what we could do in Texas should I ever loose all my marbles and want to go there ( or there is an alien/zombie apocolypse).

Check out the Luxury Garage Sale happening tomorrow Wednesday April 22nd, because I don't own Chanel.

If you think you can't eat Crawfish while you wear Chanel you are sorely mistaken because in Texas there is Claws for a Cause on Saturday and trust me eating for a good cause never goes out of style.

They say Texas might be the center of earth and well there is a great Earth Day celebration going on right there! Check out Earth Day Dallas  for three days because nothing is small in Texas.

Finally end the weekend with Operation Kindness Hope Gala because this is a great event for a good cause.