Friday, December 19, 2014

Its all about being Single and NYE

Are you sensing a small theme that I am avoiding blogging because I am busy doing other stuff.

YOU ARE RIGHT! So here are my NYE Single Party info for you today!



  • Saturday, December 27th - Michi Holiday Dinner at Black Ridge Los Gatos.  Adults of all ages.  Singles Supper Club promoting only; not a singles-only event.  5PM.  $100.00 prepay only; Includes generous sushi & wine pairings and other Michi cuisine.  For additional details visit or contact Michi Events & Catering at 408-315-0039


  • Wednesday, 12/31 - NYE Ball for Singles w/Optional Dinner at Santa Clara Convention Center; Adults of all ages; Includes champagne toast & more!; $75 Dinner & Dance prepay only by 12/20; Dance Only $30 prepay by 12/30; $40 at Door; Cosponsored by many singles organizations.Register using this link;. More details below. 

  • Wednesday 12/31 - NYE Extravaganza at Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara.  Adults of all ages. Includes two drinks plus a champagne toast, entertainment, party favors.  Free parking. $75.00 prepay by 12/30 ; $85 at the door.See additional details below.  


  • Saturday, January 10 - Singles Winter Ball at San Jose Marriott; Adults of all ages;  8-Midnight; $15 prepay by 1/9/15;$20 at door. Cosponsored by Singles Supper Club & Society of Single Professionals (more details below)

  • Saturday, January 24 - Michi Vino Wine Dinner at Black Ridge Vineyards in Los Gatos. Exquisite sit down evening with several courses.  Michi Cuisine will be perfectly paired with wine from the vineyard.  Adults of all ages.  Singles Supper Club promoting only; not a singles-only event. $170 per person; For additional details visit or contact Michi Events & Catering at 408-315-0039

Also a side note about Single Supper Club 

SIngles Supper Club, LLC is up for sale and needs a good "home"!  If you are interested in learning more, please contact me directly  For someone who has free time to spare on some evenings and weekends, this is a great way to earn a second income based upon your schedule.  Or, for the entrepreneurial types who want to grow a business....there are additional revenue streams and partnerships to be developed and this business can scale. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

NYE Shopping List

So, you have nothing to shop for because you got all your presents online already and they are being shipped this week.

Well, you have to go out and get some items for your NYE Popcorn and Champagne party ( but I give you links to purchase stuff online too :) )

First up, is your puzzle because talking about the past year is so 1995 having an activity to do is the way to go especially if children are involved they will love the opportunity to show off their skillz.
World Globe

So this World Globe is pretty awesome to start but remember keep your puzzle glue handy and easy enough for everyone to do
Solar System 

After you have your puzzle to do you need something fancy to wear and that is your Pajamas. One year I met a family that told me about Pajamagram and seriously I have been looking for a dog to wear a set of pajamas with !

Dog Tired Pajamas for Men & Women
Gone to the Dogs

While that is super cute you can always try something with a little more "flair" 
Superheros eat popcorn? 

Okay now you have your basic puzzles, pajamas so now grab yourself a shopping bag full of popcorn. Yes, I do mean even Bacon Flavored too.

Aside from usual Butter, Kettlecorn there is Anti Aging Coconut Flavored popcorn

Yup you are reading that right Brazilian Coconut flavored popcorn. You can also find some other flavors to fight aging too

Still want the same old time well an Airpopper is the way to go and kids love to listen to the sound does help get them to sleep watching it
West Bend Stir Crazy 

This allows for up to six quarts and is good to do after the first toast because really in five minutes you have hot popcorn its a good transitional product as you have the puzzle being set out.

Plus with 6 quarts of popcorn another activity is to make popcorn balls.

Finally, let's talk about our Champagne. I will admit this to anyone whom asks "Did you really start this because one day all you had was a bottle of Champagne and popcorn in your cubboard "

Yes, I did and it wasn't even NYE that day. That being said I have done several suggestions and spent a couple hundreds on bottles of champagne. I honestly have to say that Sparkling Wine is different than the real Champagne and some Sparkling Ciders are amazingly good. So, yes you can have Dom Perignon or Krug. Just remember in one bottle you may get four large glasses so if your party is more than say 5 people you will need a couple of bottles and a loan from the bank to make your party last till Midnight.

Bonny Doon's Assorted Sparkling Wines are great to start your night with
Winter NĂ©lis Sparkling Perry

Now believe it or not some children DO NOT LIKE Sparkling Apple Cider its true and I know some of the best ways to satisfy their sophisticated palate (remember my yearly gig was to babysit on NYE so I was an expert so to speak)

So go and grab a couple cans of sparkling water Berry is a big flavor but there is Orange and Grape that will make the wee ones have just as much fun as the big ones. 

Next, your friend's is the designated driver and abhors sparkling water and would like to have the "champagne" other adults are having. JLohr Ariel is my go to but there is Fre as well from Sutter Home
Fre Wines - Brut

Its not as intoxicating and one glass usually works for toasting the New Year.

Now, where to purchase all your goodies and run from store to store to get the best deal.

Amazon Smile

Seriously, why leave the comfort of your house to join the hordes of last minute shoppers for a supposedly good deal on Jalapeno Popcorn with Fresita Wine from Chile when you can give to your favorite Charity and get your items delivered in time for the holidays.

Yes, I did type up Jalapeno Popcorn  and Bacon Popcorn in the same post ...I am surprised the internet didn't break either :)

Have a great party and please accept my regrets to not attend your shindig as I am still trying to find my dog to wear these smiling shark pajamas :)


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My New Commute ...

I could technically walk to work. Its not that I am "right around the corner" but I am "just down the street" in a way.

Trust me I am tempted if I didn't walk so slow. So, I am looking at getting a bike because a car is just too impractical. The only problem is that bicyclists are like large moving speed bumps for cars sometimes in addition to I would not be one of the power bicyclists, my bike would probably have a basket and an ORP Horn not very serious at all.

One thing I am trying to get use to is getting home in time for dinner. Remember, I usually would walk somewhere between five and ten miles a day leaving at the break of dawn and coming back before midnight. I now think a Slow Cooker is too slow because I accomplished so much in the time it took to cook a 5lb Chicken with Vegetables.

I am also learning the light rail system and that shorten my commute the other morning to ...and I kid you not it wasn't the Express Light Rail either...10 minutes.

TEN MINUTES ! I will probably have to pay more in taxes because of that. One does not have a ten minute commute in Silicon Valley and not have some kind of radical trade off. My trade off so far is having too much time to hang out in Starbucks.

Equally, because of my work hours and event times I enjoy some new found sights of Downtown San Jose and the people there. As you know I am a regular at The Fairmont and most of the morning crews recognize me now. I also see the GroundWerx team and they work hard plain and simple. The men and women of this band of mighty keeping the City intact is amazing. They brave the wind, sun, rain with uncommon valor because honestly I have watched them as people stampede by. Next, I get to see the City wake up from the sun breaking over the Eastern Hills highlighting the IRS Building to Airplanes overhead my commute is a treasure trove of insights.

While I do miss seeing Wolfe Road Apple 2 Construction its been replaced by Downtown housing and buildings being refurbished. I get to see more historical and new places in the vortex of Downtown San Jose.

I highly recommend businesses look at coming to Downtown San Jose for their headquarters as there is a lot of life to be had.