Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Give Your Money Away

Today's NaBloPoMo Prompt is You are given unlimited funds and a fabulous team of programmers and told to create your own social networking platform.Tell us all about your ideal, fictional social media site.

Unfortunately, the site does exist and its going to Chilie.

Sunny Karma was a platform that allowed you to donate to a cause based on auctioning experiences like learning a language or drinking wine.

Unfortunately, it wasn't flourishing very well infact it floundered in my opinion because it was just Elena Elek asking her nouveau riche friends to donate time for a good cause and have the naive public bid on them.

The premise would work as a natural one stop shop for nonprofits to run a campaign to raise funds in addition to other fundraising programs that are in the work. Imagine bidding on an opportunity to sit down with Stephen Hawking for thirty minutes and having the money you spent go directly to ALS research.

What about the opportunity to meet Cesar Millan train your dog for four hours and have the money go to the Humane Society ?

While an Auction for Experience benefiting Nonprofits is nothing short of a Virtual Silent Auction online the basics is to have the site work properly with an infrastructure and social capital to convince a public figure to spend time with the plebs.

Yet, I would totally sit down with Lindsay Lohan for thirty minutes and have my money go to lung cancer programs. Workout with Dwayne Johnson to benefit the American Heart Association.

Oh the social part is the networking of individuals to nonprofits because what if Tim Lincecum wants to help the Farmers of America grow sustainable crops but he only knows how to pitch an 85mph fast ball? He would connect with the Future Farmers of America on the site and then the members of the bidders group would have the opportunity to bid on it with a minimum bid automatically benefiting the organization so everyone has to put in say $100 to even begin to bid on the opportunity instead of just a one $1000 bid every fan who wants to bid need to pay up $100 to bid more because that is the minimum so at least the nonprofit is getting $100 for each bidder which could result in a Million dollars raised in addition to the winning bid.

Its definately not a new platform but would it work? Maybe it already does because I don't need a team of coders because there is Nationbuilder which would help nonprofits start up a sister site to do such a campaign.

So the only reason me having unlimited resources to build my social network is to help people work for a better future...oh and wine too. :)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Olive Bar : Small Business Highlight

You may remember my post from last year where I got to interview the dynamic part of the dynamic duo that is the powerhouse behind The Olive Bar.

The Olive Bar isn't your average dive
I have stopped by and seen how the place is doing and I am happy to report there are more than olives there now. 

I found out more about Honey and Coconut Oil than I could possibly want to know. Did you know that you can have a hive of bees making you great homeopathic honey too ? 
Custom honey 
I am very fortunate to have met Ed and Chrystie De Soto so I encourage you to stop by their shop find your perfect olive oil, vinegar, coconut or honey. They also do gift baskets too.

Title This!

Sometimes I like to go backwards as in typing up my post before I put a title on it. Other times I will put up a title and work from there. Then the worst part is I will throw up a title and totally mislead the reader when typing up my blog posts.

Like a cover of a book or an introduction typing up a blog post requires a title. Something to attract a reader. It was during the recession that I got about as creative as I possibly could with open letters, job hunting, and political ranting. Then I remember how much my adoration for nonprofit is to the point I dedicate weeks now to highlight nonprofits. The nonprofit highlight has extended to small business and why you should visit their store fronts.

Yet, advising on great gastronomic tours or things to do and see can be a significant portion of my blog you have to remember posting daily takes work. Lots of work but I am dedicated to you, my Google Bot. Yes, having my sister check on my periodic rantings is nice but then I found out something quite disconcerting.

The Internet is being catalogued and saved for posterity. Yes, somewhere my Google bot is trained to take a snippet of my daily blog post and file it away in a very special place.

Yet, all I can think of is the title only gives you a hint at what's going to happen...plus there is going to be a lot of confused aliens trying to figure out what I meant when they read that stuff :) k. So my titles are just that...snippets.

Today's #NaBloPoMo is What's your favorite headline/blog post title you've ever written? What was the hardest post to title?