Friday, November 27, 2015

Repeat Post ; my thanksgiving turkey

Repeating a post because like I said once " blogging is hard "

Turkey Day ala Patricia

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving and please bring the rain!

If there is a lull in the conversation around the Ranch Dip today as you visit unknown parts or relatives of potential mates you can strike up a conversation easily in California by simply talking about the weather or lack of weather.

After the jump are some easy conversation starters...

Repeat A Christmas Tree

&&&& Repeating a Post &&&&&

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

My favorite holiday memories stem from Christmas and I know how that makes me a horrible person because of the incessant commercialization along with the War of Words of Happy Holidays to Merry Christmas. Christmas is not under siege or misunderstood its just a holiday I remember and is probably my favorite even though St. Patrick's Day is darn close.

The Christmas Tree is my most favorite memory incantation with all its glory the tree is a culmination of year's worth of memories and my parents were very much into the decoration. The celebarion  started and ended with the grandiose tree. In photos from my birth the holiday tree stood tall and shiny where as I remember the theme trees of the 80's. Yes, we had theme trees and by theme we are talking about the Apple tree to the Music tree to the Airplane Tree decorations  that made the tree take on a personality and had a story behind it.

Even before the first box of decorations were pulled out of the attic my father would scour the yellow pages and newspaper for the tree lot with the best deal until The SATURDAY came. The Saturday was because we were traditional and always got our trees on Saturdays as a family aside from that was the day my parent would practically have to kidnap my two older siblings forcing them to come with us because they were teenagers and Saturdays were reserved for going on dates period. Except this Saturday, my father insisted we come together and renew our love for the family car traveling thru the avenues to secure the best possible tree.

One year my mother decided that we'd go get one of those fancy fresh trees from the forest and my father, never asking for directions; took us to Solvang instead. They had a great diner for a family whom were on their last nerves and I think my dad was going to leave us there because the counting cars game turned into how many tree farms we had already passed ( One Hundred and Thirty Five ).

The Christmas tree was not just decoration but upon sitting in the apex of the house you could not escape the lure of the tinsel or the twinkle of the lights and the tree was the bearer of Peppermint sticks and chocolate courtesy of the Advent Calendar that sat nearby.

The Christmas tree was also the location where the family dog would find respite from a house full of boisterous people with nothing more to do than to yell at the referees on the TV. Pepper also was clever at finding his presents clearly left out for his amusement and stress relief to remove the wrapping paper.

Each year my mother would fret that we'd have to cut the top of the tree to fit into the house. When we moved to Maple Valley we got two and while monumental there was also a tree for the horse too..sans ornaments as we learned one year our equine family had a fondness for fake apples and pine cones that could not be matched.

Of course, after my mother's passing I nearly brought back 3000 square feet of holiday decorations including green and red plastic airline cups that were reserved exclusively for the year end holidays. My 700 square foot apartment looked like an holiday bazaar in the middle ofJuly not to mention the boxes and boxes of decorations.

When I moved out on my own, I really went overboard procuring not one, not two but three trees with a small one on the front porch, an oversized one in my living room that you had to walk around to get to the bathroom and one in the tiny back yard for me and my neighbors to share.

The Christmas Tree is my favorite holiday memory if not for the sentimental value of all the ornaments but for the Christmas tree invokes sharing and family even the fake ones.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 64000 !

It is odd for me to see such statistics but that is the way it goes when you blog you pay attention to statistics and guess what

Pageview chart 64000 pageviews is something I can't fathom or begin to understand...


2831 Posts have been done and I still can't get over some of my own ranting and raving

Apparently Firefox is popular and most of my audience resides in the US...or Baltimore (;

Everyone still just comes to my blog directly which is nice but some key words are still people looking for me ...Thanks

So have a Happy Thanksgiving maybe read some of my more random posts