Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Adoration on Repeat

Its almost all saints day or is it cupid or I don't because when it comes to adoration I get stupid.

So here is some repeats for you to make you heart beat .

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Repeat ! Valentines Day posts

I admit sometimes thinking of stuff to type up about stuff is actually very hard and while I could relate my dismal love life to you ..I already have so here are a few repeated posts of Valentines day past ...Enjoy!

100 Tips for less than $60! 
Okay I need a date bad, no, really I do. I want to make sure I can date but, in all reality I won't go out on a date. So here are some tips for those lonelyhearts out there on ways to find someone to date in time for Valentine's Day.

Fyi its is properly called Saint Valentine's Day and happy birthday to that guy I once dated that was born on that day.

Tip # 3 : Get out of the house. Yes, you may think the free offer from is too good to be true and it is so this requires you to go outside...even if it is raining.

Tip #17: Join a coffee clatch, yes, this means for a mere $5 you go to a coffee store see a group of people and ask if you can join.

Tip #8 : Take a shower. This is paramount to going outside and meeting people and do not use a lot of cologne when you get dressed.

Tip #23: No one understands why you are dressing like Steve Jobs, a Vampire, or an Attorney. A simple pair of clean pants, a nice button up shirt, and appropriate shoes is all you need.

If you like to find out the other 100 tips just email me :) there is a $59.95 surcharge fee.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Lent?

Welcome to Lent...and here is why

Hey Locals Everywhere, show your love locally

Honestly, Super Bowl or not if you don't have plans for Valentines' Day then make some plans whether its

  • Coffee at a local, small coffee shop
  • Grab a paper and sitting down for lunch at a small deli
  • Find a great (insert event ) gift at a small boutique shop
  • Enjoy a movie a locally owned theater
  • Participate in a community event 
Do it locally because Black Friday is over and who loves ya the most but those who are local that you see way too infrequently and well ...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Random Thoughts....

Super Bowl 50 is officially over...

I could remind you about the Chinese New Year..

Valentines Day is this coming Sunday...

Day Lights Savings is March 13th

I have to do my taxes ....

But let's face it there is only one thing and one thing only to talk about and see and do ....

By the way ...notice he doesn't have a cape...

It is Finally Super Bowl Sunday so it bears repeating....

We are finally here in Oz where about three years of work is coming to fruition complete with ketchup and mustard.

The weather is expected to be about 70 degrees at kickoff and it bears is February.

So without further ado ....

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dear Volunteers for #SB50 ..Thank You for all your efforts, energy and time.

Hey Sunday is almost here so let's give a huge Thank You to all the Volunteers wearing their Volunteer uniforms from Dignity Health

You have been awesome, you brought the sunshine and spent your time applying sunscreen not only to each other but to visitors too. 

Thank You for answering questions and parking far away from where you are volunteering. 

Thank You for having maps ready and smiles too. 

Your support to visitors from all over the world and some locals too is greatly appreciated. 

Please know that while some people may be frustrated or disconnected or just plain in a bad mood you did the best anyone could given the circumstances and you did it day in and day out for the past 8 days. 

Thanks for not wearing a cape and please don't fly away ...stay an extra day and get to check out some of the sights of the Bay Area. 

Thank you for all you have done and enjoy #SB50. 

The entire SF Bay Area and me :)

#SB50 Give $50 Here Visitors and the rest of us hashtag Veggielution

Okay, I will wait while you check the difference between the money in your pocket and the money in your bank account ..


Give Fifty Dollars here ....Veggielution 

(waiting ...)

here's why