Monday, July 28, 2014

A Different kind of Pep talk

Did you know about P.E.P ?

I didn't before Thursday. I had no clue the very real threat to women whom give their lives to give life.

A program that would not only benefit you but thousands of women is by Merck. Now, Merck is a private company with the reality of knowing that it can't be all things to all people but they can help save lives.

I got the opportunity to hear Jennifer's story how a seemingly normal pregnancy turned into a life changing experience when after giving birth to her healthy baby she experienced a near full blood transfusion for her body because of post-partum hemorrhage and was sedated heavily while her husband stood outside the delivery room with nothing no news if the baby and his wife was okay. He was left in the dark while Jennifer fought for her life.

Why would I care? I am single, I do not have children, I am not pregnant and I do not know if I can get pregnant.

I care about this because it effects 800 women, lemme repeat that EIGHT HUNDRED WOMEN !

That includes women in your workplace, yes, the United States is 47th in rankings for preventable women deaths in childbirth.

That is not good enough.

I didn't even address the very issue facing women in other countries.

Where do we start?

First, even if you are not pregnant ask about the P.E.P talk. It won't hurt you and information is power plus you are helping the awareness.

Secondly, make a pledge to have a Pep talk? Why? Because I have seen the video of a friend after she gave birth do you know they had to count how many towels, swabs, and tools were used ? As she lay there you can hear in the background the nurse counting ( it was 47 and two were stuck together ) as her boyfriend kept trying to keep her eyes open and alert because a small alarm would sound. That alarm was her heart rate dropping because of blood loss or hemorrhaging.

The Nurse was more concentrated on the number of swabs then keeping her alert because the hospital was more concerned with making sure there was no product left in her body when they closed her up ( she had an emergency C section ).

I do not blame the nurse, the hospital or even the insurance but I do implore every woman to ask the question raise awareness and save 800 women.

Please make the pledge

( Editorial Note: This is not a sponsored post but I did attend the Merck For Mothers event in San Jose where I learned about it )

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Decompress from BlogHer 2014 Conference

I enjoyed three (3) days at the San Jose Convention Center for the very act of the effort to which you are reading my blogging but its called the BlogHer Conference.

After seven (7) years and two-thousand (2K!) posts I really do not know it all.

I need help, I need direction, I need to figure out if I want to do sponsored posts or if I still want to have a public named blog.

BlogHer started their conference ten (10) years ago and the internet landscape was a LOT different than today.

There wasn't a Twitter, Facebook wasn't in existance and YouTube was incubating

Today the Internet is different way different.

Just like in November of 2007 running for Public Office in Campbell, CA I made up this blog to promote my candidacy and when the run for office ended I turned this space into a rant, an voice, an reflection but I continued to type out sometimes daily and sometimes I took a break. I started to write a book and its there waiting to come into the light but I am keeping it for me. This is my soapbox.

Today I am really different than that doe eyed girl with a forty-five (45) pound CPU humming away at her feet and two dogs whom reminded her to get outside.

I type on a Chromebook that weighs less than four (4) pounds. I don't have a dog. I am not interested in running for public office.

I will keep typing and this space may change again into a platform on a server somewhere else than where I am.

Blogher Conference is great and I will go again next year.

So far that is what I got I will share more and share more takeaways.

The fun event maybe I can borrow a dog for

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