Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One Meal 1200 Calories

Now it may seem like I am being a little obsessed with food lately but part of it is because I am trying to lose weight so I have to watch every calorie and I do mean EVERY Calorie.

Did you know that by adding the ice tea lemonade flavoring to water I am actually adding 5 calories so if I drink three bottles I am drinking 15 calories!

I can barely burn 15 calories on the treadmill because you have to work up your heartrate to the burn rate then maintain it for 20 minutes to burn ...50 calories ..UGH!

So imagine

Garlic Bread, Meat Balls, Provolone cheese that alone is 1170 calories I am not kidding you.

You can add spinach and you can have a cookie for dessert ( have two ) and you are up to 1500 calories fast.

So the question is How fast did Jared have to walk to lose the weight?

You see today there is a Subway sandwich shop in about every mall or corner that I can see. I pass a total of ...18 Subway Sandwich shops on my commute. Within two mile radius there are now 8 Subway Sandwich shops.

And if you are not paying attention I didn't mention the drink that I had with a footlong meatball marinara sandwich before I knew it was 2000

One meal 2000 for just $8

So there is a war on fast food eh..really I couldn't tell.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I can cook ! DINNER?

Recently as I was following the BlogHer Food Blogger convention updates about all the fun that is happening in Miami Florida I thought about my need to watch cooking shows in general I think mine and everyones cooking show fantasy started with PBS and Julia, Yan and Jeff  then there was this station where you saw Martha, Jaques with his daughter, then this guy and that guy ( Emeril and Bobby respectively ) and today you can not get away from a cooking show even a pretentious cooking competition.

It is really hard not to find the art of cooking unless you are talking to me. Where I open up a package of beef put into a pot with olive oil, salt and pepper searing at first then add a can of vegetables and lower the heat down. Add one egg and two table spoons of flour , mixing together  for about 10 minutes or so. Taking a package of add water to make gravy package and voila in about 30 minutes I have dinner of a different kind. The vegetables are definately cooked but this  is more like make a meatball or loaf but its ground beef that is just awesome and it all starts with two ingredients
I can saute with a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon  or even spice it up with a Petit Syrah. I can add white pepper and a little bit of Chardonnay or even just open up a package of make a gravy for a winter meal. Got broth add these two ingredients and you got soup. 

So yeah I made dinner ...awesome what's for dessert?

Procastination on Taxes

Trust me I have waited until after 11PM on tax night to turn in my taxes not because I procrastinated but just because I owed...yeah... I owed $90 its true I waited until the very day to send in my taxes.

Now, I don't like the stress of deadlines so I avoid the April 15th but if you waited now you have until 11:59PM to turn in your taxes.

Trust me don't wait just do it and be done...

Oh and this year I did get money back but I sent in paper forms yeah I don't my bleeding heart to worry any more than it already does...