Friday, October 9, 2015

538 ...what?

The other day I read a title to an article that asked / answered the question "Why are all the oldest person keeps dying?' 

I am sorry 538 but humans are still mortal least until skynet becomes active and the Matrix is live and oh I don't know...but the question is probably not the best one you have had.

I chalk this up to the Associated Press letting a computer algorithm write articles.

I guess the fact there are not enough people in the talent pool to run for public office there probably is not enough talented reporters left to report the truth.

Fleet Week, Home Tours, Birthday Parties and more

There is more going on this weekend than most on par with previous October weekends finding where to spend your time is going to be a juggling act.

Go South?

While I have now planned my trip to Eureka for next Spring that involves more stops than the line 22 in San Jose.

I went to San Luis Obispo and aside from the Men's Colony, the Nuclear Energy Facility and one aggressive sea lion the trip was really great and I totally recommend heading to SLO if you can afford it.

You see the Oz affect has occurred in SLO where rents are $1800 and above complete with restrictions and no dogs.

Side Note : Why would any one pay for 700 square feet and NOT have a dog and a dishwasher?

I enjoyed the central location and going to the events that were local.

I just couldn't stay though if money were no object I would have stayed and stayed.

Eureka is still on the agenda but when you live in Oz where on any random day you can sit next to a millionaire and listen to a homeless person rap while students kibitz over a teacher assignment you get spoiled.

Spoiled Rotten.

Maybe SLO will be more appealing but right now Oz is pretty damn amazing.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Random Pictures...

Guess what is starting again in Downtown San Jose

The ice skating rink fencing went up and the stage is set for a weekend of fun

There is a coffee shop with a view of all the downtown construction ( that has been going on for the past 11 months...really).

In that time some shops have closed and store fronts empty 

but the dogs remain ....everywhere