Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursdays in Hawaii because I am already planning for the long weekend!

Yes, its a weeklong daily countdown to memorial day weekend. Today, let's jump on that Hawiian Airlines flight and go to Hawaii.

On Thursday, May 1st its Lei Day ! The festivities take place over five different locations including Queen Kapiolani Park, Kawaiaha'o Church, and Kapolei Hale. This is a great event for family and friends and the community as whole. I may even try to celebrate here in the states and give all my teammates some lei's :)

The Royal Hawiian Band will be playing at the Royal Hawaiian Center at 1pm. Located at 2201 Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu. The Royal Hawaiian Band was established 1836 by King Kamehameha. This is a great event!

The Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology will be holding its 29th Annual Conference on Thursday May 15th at the Hawai'i Convention Center and Hilton Hawaiian Village where you can learn about the latest Industrial Organizational research and practice. The Convention Center is located at 1801 Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu.

On the Thursday before Memorial Day Monday starts the George "Flinstone" Andrade Races a four day excursion into all things drag racing and a fun loud event!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday in Texas!

We made it Wednesday and let's keep the travel theme up and go to Texas because I checked and there wasn't much going on in Oklahoma.

On Wednesday April 30th the Austin Fashion Week continues at the Austin Music Hall with Runways and Marketplace where you discover up and coming designers from the entire globe. This event starts at 6pm stiletto heel sharp

In case you cannot fathom the $385 ticket for the fashion show there is a free event on Wednesday, April 30th a free Wellness Seminar at the South Lamar Conference Room located at 3801 S Lamar Blvd  in Austin Texas where you will learn to Improve your Health by healing past relationship pain.

On Wednesday, May 7th there is another Free event with Shakespeare in a Park no less for "As You Like It" This 30th Annual Free Shakespeare production in Zilker Park is a great event for families and first dates.

You know there is a drought here in California but did you know there has been on in Texas too? On Wednesday, May 14th you can become an Accredited Professional certified to harvest the rainwater. The American Rainwater Catchment System Association will teach you for two days about active and passive designing indoor and outdoor rainwater capture systems including project management for both construction management and residential installation. This is held at one of the most innovative schools Texas A&M.

Now you know things can be bigger in Texas so its great to read about a free event happening on Wednesday, April 21st at the Millwood Branch Library where you can learn about Composting as this help Austin residents learn about composting saving on their garbage bills by only getting a 32 gallon trash bin.

So whether you go to Dallas or Austin on a Wednesday night there is always something to do!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Let's Check Out New York

If you haven't been paying attention I am counting down to three days when the only piece of clothing I will wear are commonly referred to pajamas...daddy taught me well.

As Memorial Day weekend is some official slash unofficial kick off to Summer ( and not Cinco de Mayo???) let's be serious and see what we can do on the Tuesdays up to Memorial Day in New York because I know you wanna go there ( so do I!?!)

On Tuesday, April 29th you can enjoy the Montclair Film Festival  at the Bellevue Theaters ( 1 and 2) and Clairidge Cinema 2 along a showing at The Audible Lounge. This Third (3rd) Annual Festival showcases a lot of films and has 100 conversations with a lot of people but don't talk during the film okay that is just rude.

The Tuesday after Cinco de Mayo is usually one big blurry hangover but if you find yourself in New York check out Brooklyn Magazine 5x10 (five by ten) Talks at the BRIC House located at 647 Fulton Street in Brooklyn starting at 7:30PM you will find out "What's Next?" with the people from MakerBot, BrooklyNets, Video Music Box and more. Trust me buy your tickets NOW !

If you don't know fashion then you need to attend the Animal Fair's 12th Annual Paws for Style Fashion show at Pacha benefiting the Humane Society of New York. Hundred and Fifty ($150) Dollar Ticket is totally worthwhile way to spend your evening on Tuesday, May 13th, trust me I know this to be true.

If you don't have copious amounts of sunscreen, suntan and zinc oxide in advance of Memorial Day weekend it is not my fault because you were too busy Tuesday night ( Tuesday, May 20th to be exact) learning about silversmithing ( why does that sound like a great 90's grunge band name? Anybody? ..Just me ? oh well )
This introduction course taught at Liloveve ( again a great female singer rock band from the 80's ...anyone agree? anyone? Ok just me AGAIN!) for those looking to create handmade jewelry with basic and techniques that will help bring fire to your passion for all things silver.

That is what you can do Tuesday nights in New York ...seriously awesome band names.