Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home Made Spa Day

After spending a lot of money to go to a spa in Newport Beach; I figured that I would make a spa day at home.

I was surprised aside from the mobile massage I really had all the ingredients.

First was to declare the space a "Spa"
Second was to clean it up. I promptly worked out the space to ensure maximum usage tossing out old magazines and replacing with new ones.
Thirdly, I had a literally a dozen sample of bath salts and scented candles that combined made a scent filled space possible.
Fourth, Lotion, lotion, and more lotion from lavender scented to peppermint from my feet to the top of my head I had enough lotion to get my skin so soft.
Fifth, Teas and not just for drinking. To reducing the lines on my neck to the frayed nerves Chamomile tea is an absolute must.
Sixth, Room heater...surprisingly its been a little chilly and a little room heater did the trick.
Seventh, Put your towels in the dryer beforehand for about 10 minutes they come out super warm and soft.
Eighth, if you have space set up your chair massage or have Zeel do it for you.
Ninth, Freeze some grapes ...honest this little treat post massage makes it all the better. If you think those are not enough grab a bag of Assorted fruit from Whole Foods and put on chill.
Tenth, This is just me but i liked a glass of champagne before or after ..or with your little lunch helps relax sometimes.

Okay...a home made spa day...can happen you can make it.

Dating Scene is Worse than Housing

As some readers know I was looking for housing earlier this year with what amounted to an exercise in futility.

Now, I thought I would try dating again specifically going to a sports event.

I can not make this stuff up.

I am sure there is a great number of professional men in Silicon Valley but my advertisement for a companion to join me at said sporting event included the line "tell me which SPORT plays at which location "

100% respondents got it wrong.

100 % ...that is just incredible and the responses were not all at 3AM!

So to clarify for the whole world.

Sport is not the team. Sport isn't the location and Sport is not a nude picture !

I was pretty darn clear in my ad on Craigslist and now I am going to have to take along another girlfriend or put a faux handicap vest on my landlords dog because I went and got two tickets.

SERIOUSLY ....the dating scene has gone to the dogs ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Well not exactly...

Celebrate and remember those who have passed on at a time of year when the veil between the living and dead is thought to be at its most diaphanous. At the sixth annual Dìa de los Muertos Celebration, gather on Shattuck Ave. between Rose and Vine Streets in Berkeley on Sunday, November 2, 5-9PM. 

The event hosts food booths and trucks, a wine and beer garden, free skeletal face painting, and art and craft vendors. DIY art projects for kids and adults include ceramic skull painting, papel picado, and picture frame decorating. Fire dancers and musicians make the evening magical. Costumes and traditional Dìa de los Muertos papier maché giant heads are encouraged.

Help create an altar, or ofrenda, by bringing photos or stories of loved ones, candles, breads, or flowers to add to the altar. Dancers will bless the altar with drums and dancing then lead a sidewalk candle light procession through the district for about an hour following along a path of strewn marigold petals.  Day of the Dead window displays appear in businesses throughout the district.

Day of the Dead Celebration
Sunday, November 2, 2014
1400 block Shattuck Avenue
North BerkeleyCA 

Build a Community Altar 5-9PM
Candle Light Procession 7:45-9