Wednesday, January 28, 2015

5 Questions with Zoe Ambler

I have the privilege of virtually meeting Zoe Ambler, published author of The Road of Darkness . Zoe is also participating in the Blogging 101 University along with publishing on Blogher NaBloPoMo posts.

Zoe Ambler, Author 
Zoe was kind enough to answer my 5 Questions

1. What is the biggest benefit to writing?

Freedom. In writing, you are free to indulge and create worlds and characters that defy imagination and the norm.

2. Did you seek out an editor or go solo?

I went it solo. I will admit that was a mistake.

3. When is the best time to write a blog/ book?

Any time! I am up at all hours, so sometimes I work on writing, and sometimes I work on blogging. Sometime I just sit back and scroll and stalk other peoples blogs. >_>

4. What is the one thing you wish you did before you started?

Better marketing/promotion and advertising. I sort of waited until the last minutes, and I am paying for it. >_<

5. What do you plan for the next year?

The follow-up book for 'The Road of Darkness'. Its working title is 'The Path of Redemption'. I have two endings and am not sure which one I want to use. And then I would also like to start publishing some of my romance/erotica books.

One of many to come :) 
Thank you Zoe for answering my questions, and I totally look forward to seeing your next book coming out this spring! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bad News : Supporting Local doesn't always work

As some of you know I have been blogging for 8 years about a variety of things but, one constant has been local businesses. From Trailsloggers to wineries I really do believe America runs on Small Business.

So you can imagine my disappointment upon learning that Discover San Jose  is closing its doors this February. This shop has great items from local authors, jewelers and Sports Teams in addition to housing some of the historical society information. The loss has a huge impact as there were two employees in addition to the store owner working there so that is three jobs lost. Next, the downtown area loses another retail store that supports local businesses from the unique honey to the handmade Christmas ornaments. Those lost tax dollars while not immediately felt will be lost to other surrounding businesses as potential clients will not be eager to spend more money downtown.

If you are local please do stop by the store as everything is for sale including the fixtures. Plus I am going to miss this little one to visit daily !

Losing an Inch

Hey! Guess what ! I have lost some weight.

I have lost enough weight to go to the dry cleaners down the street with some of my now "fat" clothes and ask for them to be altered.

Or at least make myself feel some kind of accomplishment- I mean I am going to the dry cleaners which is a feat in itself.

So, there I am all proud of my 7 pairs of pants and two skirts and ready for the seamstress to measure me.

and so she does.

Its one inch here, another inch there and after about twenty minutes about one inch can be taken off each item but wait there is more!

"Go Get A Belt" she says confidently to me.

I am exhausted from trying on the different pairs of pants and skirt to staring at her and replying...

"What?" I say with the perplexed look on my face.

Then what ensues has to be Karma because then the nice elderly lady I am trying to show respect to explains for one inch its $10 and it would be a total of $110 and 10 days before I would get the items back because she doesn't do the alterations all by herself. Then she would to add a tab to most of my pants ( except the elastic waist band ones ) because the zipper would be offset.

"What?" I repeat myself as she then explains to me the problem with removing only one inch from a pair of trousers would make the front panel stretchy and I would do better going and buying two belts instead.

Yes, the elderly woman whom I barely know has now refused my money in effort to tell me the true Karma effect of the experience...

Lose more weight and have two inches taken off would be better!

So I have lost an inch ...and some hair trying to avoid buying a whole new wardrobe in effort to keep some of the classic clothes I had before I lost x number of pounds.